The German House is named in honor of two courageous students at the University of Munich, who opposed Hitler, and paid for this opposition with their lives. The name was chosen by students in the German program. If you wish to find out more about Hans and Sophie Scholl, please follow the links for information either in English or German.

If you wish to enhance your German skills in a fun and relaxed environment, the German House right on the campus of the University of Alabama is the place to live for you! The Hans und Sophie Scholl Haus constitutes a unique living-learning program. Students who live in the house agree to speak German as much as possible. The program is supervised by a student director, who is a native speaker and lives in the house with the other residents. In most years about half of the residents are students from Germany or Austria and half are U.S. students.

Currently the Scholl Haus is housed in several apartments in the Bryce Lawn apartment complex on Bryce Lawn Lane. In recent years, the total number of residents in the house has been between 12-15. Each student has her/his own bedroom while other facilities (kitchen, living areas, bathrooms) are shared.

The Scholl Haus is committed to helping students come together in a relaxed environment to improve their knowledge of the language, culture, and contemporary political and social issues of the German speaking countries and Europe at large. Simply by living in the German House you will not only develop interpersonal skills but also gain cultural competency no class or textbook can teach. Living with native speakers from other countries will teach you not only about a different culture and different customs but will also deepen the understanding and awareness of your own unique background and culture. Thus the goal of the German House experience is threefold: to contribute to the students’ intellectual and social development and increase the awareness and appreciation of cultural differences and thus become true global citizens.